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Originally Posted by MindUtopia View Post
Calpol (or Tylenol for you in the U.S.) and saline nasal spray was what we did. The calpol usually worked wonders and made her so much more comfortable during the night. And at 4 months, she is perfectly old enough for it (I think it's not before 8 weeks?). I would expect she is in pain, which is why she's waking. If you've ever had a sinus infection that dragged on, you will have headache and sinus pain so that is probably what it is. We didn't do a humidifier or those wall plug ins or any of that. Also, during cold season, I take vitamin C, zinc and echinacea every day. It's made a tremendous difference from the first couple winters when I got sick all the time. If at least you are feeling well enough, it makes it a little bit more manageable to do those sleepless nights. 5 hours of sleep in a block at night is good for her age, so I would expect being sick for it to be wake ups every hour or two through the worst of it, which is normal. It will get better again soon. Just take care of yourself in the meantime so you can take care of her.
I see. Doctors here don't want to give a young baby pain meds 1)unless they believe they need them and 2)so it doesn't cover up a fever that could indicate another issue.

LO appears to be unable to breathe well through her nose, and when it gets too clogged she startles herself awake and it looks like it scares her.

I had a sinus infection 3 weeks ago, I know very well how it feels. I ended up in same day care because of it. With lack of sleep, being sick, and working full time without my husband around to help I got burnt and almost passed out at work. I had a headache for a week and was popping pain meds whenever I could.

Since my second trimester I have been taking zinc to stay healthy. I seemed to catch everything my first trimester. When I feel something coming on, here comes the extra vitamin C etc, and goldenseal. I am also still on prenatals.

LO hasn't gotten 5 hours of sleep in a row for 3 weeks now. The most she has gone with this stuffiness is 3 hours. Most of the time she's up every hour. Last night she struggled with her nose for 4 or more hours, so we were both up during that time. She cries because she can't breathe and that has to be very scary!

The doctor said nothing was infected, but something has to give!!!

We are going on 5 weeks with this stuffiness. I am desperate and the doctor said not to worry. 5 weeks!!?!?!?

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