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I've seen inflatable type things to go in the big bath (might higher him up so it wouldn't hurt so much to lean over?) or maybe get a bath seat or a bigger baby bath?

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We used her infant bath until recently (about 7.5 months) then we switched to the primo eurobath. She can sit pretty well but it has something she can hold onto while in the tub.

At 6 months we were still using her infant tub:

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I use this

It's tricky getting wiggly legs in but supports him to sit upright and he never would have laid down in the reclined bath support. I bath my toddler with him so need a free hand. We used it with my LG until a year or so I think. They both would grab the edge of the baby bath and try to get out from a few months so this was a lot safer once they could support themselves a bit

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Originally Posted by autumnal View Post
Originally Posted by sabby52 View Post
My grandson hated lying in his baby bath, he was 4 months yesterday, he loves to sit and see whats happening so I bought him a bath seat, he cant quite sit unaided yet but the bath seat supports him so he can sit alone and I have my hands free to play with him
Is that him in yout picture? He is soooo cute!
Yes that is him Thank you so much x

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Thank you ladies for your help x

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