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What's your baby's routine?

Just curious on everyone's routines (if there is one) and baby's age..

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Ours changes all the time! I remember with my son it was quite regular but with my daughter whenever I think we have a pattern she changes!

Currently (and literally only for the last week!) it's been:

7 am ish - wake and bottle 220 ml usually
830 - school run
930 - 2nd bottle maybe 180 ml
10 ish - nap for 90 mins
1 pm - 3rd bottle another 180 ml
230 - another nap for an hour ish (although now half term is over this will Ben in the pram as we will be collecting her brother from school)
4 pm - 4th bottle
Play until bath (every few days)
7 pm - final 5th bottle 200 ml
Bed at about 720/730.

He only dropped to two naps last week during half term but I think Shen may go back to three as with the school run it messes up her natural rhythms. It it's life I suppose with two kids!

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Emma is almost 7 months old (what?? how?!)

Wake up 6:30am-7am and breastfeed
School run, we leave at 8:15am
9:00am first nap
10:30am wake and breastfeed
12:30pm nap, usually breastfeed before going to sleep
1:30pm-2:00pm I wake her, breastfeed again
2:15pm school run
3:15 we get home, she has some solids i.e avocado on toast or similar
4:00pm breastfeed and final nap, often fights it
5:00-5:30pm wake up, breastfeed AGAIN
6:00pm has some of my dinner
7:30pm-ish quick breastfeed and goes to bed.

Wakes about 5 times to nurse through the night.

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Thanks! My daughter (8 month) is dropping a nap and it's throwing our old routine out of whack!

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My almost 10 month olds schedule is the following:

6.30/7 wake up
7.30 breakfast
9 wick breastfeed if she wants
9.30-11 nap
11.30/12 lunch
2-3.30/4 nap (she sometimes has a quick breastfeed before)
5 dinner
7 breastfeed and bed for 7.30

She often wakes once for a feed in the night. It seems she is showing less and less interest in the breast now and vigorously shakes her head if I offer

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Esme is 10 months

5:30-6:30 - wake, bottle

7am - breakfast

8:30am - leave for school run

9:30 - home for bottle

10am - Nap

11-1pm wake for play time and lunch

2pm - Bottle

3pm - school run

4pm - Home to feed both children, play time, bit of cbeebies

5pm - Pick up husband

5:30-6pm - Bath, bottle, bed

10pm - dream feed

She won't feed again during the night.

Obviously some days this varies if we go out, but if home this is the general routine.

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My baby is 11m old, and his usual schedule just changed a few weeks ago to this.

7:00am Wake & play with siblings - my OH is already gone for work at this time
7:30am Bottle
8:00am Breakfast
8:30am Play with siblings or follow me around the house while I clean/work if his siblings are outside... then I take him outside, too for an hour or so
12:00pm Lunch
12:20pm Read together
1:00pm Nap/Quiet Time (while I do my household tasks and homeschool)
3:30pm Snack time
4:00pm Structured Activity Monday and Tuesday. I start babysitting at 3pm on Wednesday through Friday, and the child I babysit doesn't work well with others, so this doesn't always happen on those days.
5:00pm When I'm not babysitting, we will do baths at this time. 15 minutes per child, or I'll bathe them in 2 groups. Either way, this takes an hour.
5:30-6:00pm: I start preparing dinner while the kids finish up their projects. I put on music, and we dance together, and they all help me cook - even the baby.
6:30pm OH gets home, so we all eat dinner as a family
7:00pm Family time
7:30pm Bedtime routine - pajamas, teeth brushed, family story time, snuggle
8:00pm Bed, for all of the kids.

2 days per week, currently Fridays and Sundays, OH is home, and we get company over on Sundays, and our routine is always a lot different. My baby will stay up as long as he can and eventually just fall asleep at closer to 3 or 4 and sleep through dinner, so he will have a later dinner than the rest of us. We're trying to work on this one, but like my other kids, he WILL NOT sleep if anyone else is around - especially OH because they don't get to see OH much.

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My Lo is almost 8 Months

8am Wake Milk Feed

9am Breakfast (Porridge, fruit, yoghurt or toast & egg

10:30 Nap

12: Wake to do nursery run

1pm Lunch (Whatever I have made for her, chicken & veg, Salmon & Veg or pasta or rice and a yoghurt

1:30 Small Milk feed

2pm She was having a nap here but shes started missing it, she lies awake in cot talking to herself, if we are out in buggy or car she might fall asleep

4:30/5pm Dinner (whatever we are having, she eats everything! lol)

6pm Bath, Bottle, Bed (I just lie her down awake after shes winded and she falls asleep, she usually asleep by 6:30

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6.45/7 - 7oz bottle, we leave the house at 6.30 so this is usually on the bus or train depending on where we are, when we're at home it's when she wakes up.

8.30- Breakfast at nursery

10/10.30 - Nap

12/12.30 - lunch

2/2.30 - Nap, although she hasn't been having an afternoon nap regularly lately!
4.30 - dinner

6.15-6.30/7- Book/bath if she needs one/7oz bottle

6.30/7-7.30- Bed, she then sleeps until I need to get her up to leave the house, sometimes she goes back to sleep in the pushchair. If we're at home she usually sleeps until 6.30-7.30.

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