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Littlelife Child Carrier

Just bought a child carrier today for up and coming holiday, so that DS can go in it whilst we're away but mainly for the trip between the aircraft and baggage claim! We're flying with Thomson and have just checked their baggage sizes and it is 15cm too long but it is thinner and narrower than their dimensions. (I don't know why we didn't do that before we bought it, but we had to go for the bigger framed one rather than the backpack as DH is tall and the backpack one was too small for him.)
Before I speak/email Thomson I was just wondering if anyone has had any recent experience in taking one of these on-board. If we kept DS (would prefer to keep him in buggy until the last minute as our flight is at 6am!) in it as we boarded would we get away with taking it onto the aircraft?!

Many thanks, hope someone can help!

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Have you tried something like an Ergo carrier? Folds up fairly small and you might use it at other times too. I have kept DS in a buggy up to the gate. I have also heard of a mum travelling with toddler being allowed to take her buggy on board so she didn't need to wait for it at baggage reclaim.

Other thing to consider is using backpacks for carry on luggage (leaving your arms free) and carry DS in your arms to baggage reclaim. I honestly feel using a backpack carrier is over kill if it is only going to be used in the airport.

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