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Is this a sleep regression, or something I'm doing wrong?

Been a while since I have had a baby this age, so maybe I'm a little rusty. I could do with some help though!

Emma is breastfed, taking some solids, she is feeding herself just fine on toast, meat, cheese etc etc. Started eating foods at 6 months.

She was waking 2 times a night to nurse at 6 weeks, then 1 time a night by about 10ish weeks, then slept through the night almost every night until just before 5 months.

She starting waking about twice a night at that stage, now it's somewhere between 5-10 times a night. She used to wake and wriggle a bit, I'd feed her from one side, she'd pop her thumb in her mouth and go back to sleep (we bedshare - my OH sleeps in another room - we are all happy with this). Now she wakes up yelling and crying loudly, thrashing around, nurses on one side, then the next, then back to the first, then wants to fall asleep with a boob in her mouth. Rinse and repeat over and over again. She also tries to look around the room while nursing, even in the dark, so pops on and off and on and off and then cries and yells at me for the boob not being in her mouth!

I remember my middle daughter being a huge pain in the bum at night, but closer to the 9-10 month age, she woke constantly.

Is she just THAT hungry? She hasn't gained much weight for ages.

Don't think she's working on any skills, she's fine with rolling and sitting unaided.

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Could it be teething related?

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Not as experienced as you but the wonder weeks are spot on for my child and when my DD goes through them she's exactly like that at night.... wakes up constantly, doesn't want to go back to sleep, is up for the day between 530 and 6... and it can last for weeks like that.

She still "normally" wakes up at least twice to eat but she's only 6 months. But when she hits the wonder weeks, all hell breaks loose!

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Sounds like a comfort thing? Nellie is the same x

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