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Strange thing coming in above 1st yr molar....?

Hi there!

First off, we have been to a really good pediatric dentist and he thinks it's just a cyst. He's probably right, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this and what to expect.

12mo old son has been teething like crazy. The bottom left 1st yr molar is getting ready to make an appearance. We saw a white bit under the gum line and thought maybe he was on his way to some relief with eruption soon! As it came through a day or so later it appeared to be the sharpest molar I had ever seen. Very thin, only coming in on one side, and sharp looking. We figured that's why he was so miserable.

Not long after (a day or two) I'm feeding him his night time zantac (poor kid has gerd still) and realize the "tooth thing" has pushed all the way up and is now flopping around on a small thread of skin. It's about the size of his pinky finger nail. Just as thin, still sharp looking and...flopping loosely. There is a small red hole where it came through, but I can't get a good look at it.

We don't want him to choke on it so we, very gently, try to pull it away. That little line of skin is tougher than it looks and we give up quickly (Much to his relief.)

We make phone calls. Nobody we talk to knows what it is, but we get an appointment with the pediatric dentist the following day.

Naturally when the dentist is looking at him, the "shard" is gone having disappeared sometime in the night. However, there is a small white "nub" poking through the gum instead (the red hole is gone, presumably this "nub" is where it was). The dentist prods it thoroughly and it is very rubbery and soft. He says he's pretty sure it's an eruption cyst and, of course, those go away on their own. The rest of his gum is just the usual red and inflamed looking (normal).

I can't seem to find any eruption cyst like it when I google though, those are all blue/purple looking, so while I don't doubt him persay...I still feel like asking around to see if anyone else has seen this before???


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