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How long does your 1 year old nap for?

My little girl has just turned 1, and she still has quite a long nap around midday. She only has the one nap, but she's normally asleep for 2 hours.. does this seem like the right amount of sleep for her age?

She does sleep through most nights, apart from when her teeth are bothering her! She'll go to bed at 7, and usually wakes at 7.

How much sleep do your little ones have a day?

Tia. X

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James usually naps from around 11am for 1.5 hours. I try not to let him nap past 1pm or bedtime is really difficult!

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W sleeps the bare minimum when she's at nursery, a few times she's only napped once and had 20 minutes

When she's at home with me she usually goes down about 9.30/10 and has a good 2-2.5 hour nap, a couple of weeks she had a super long nap of a Friday for about 3.5 hours but that's probably because it's caught up with her... she sleeps 7-7 usually. She's pretty much dropped her afternoon nap but occasionally she'll have one about 2ish for 30 mins - an hour xxx

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My fourth-born will be 1 on Tuesday, and he takes a 3-hour nap during the day and sleeps 11 hours at night. Babies/toddlers this age do need 14 total hours of sleep per day, until they're about 2. So, 12 hours at night and 2 during the day sounds perfect!

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My DD usually has a 45 min nap in the morning and 1.5 hrs in the afternoon. Sometimes the morning nap is longer but usually only if she's had a bad night due to teething or sickness. She sleeps 11-12 hrs at night, goes down at 7pm and is up sometime between 6-7am.

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If it's working, I'd say it's normal. At a year mine still had two naps a day of about an hour each. She dropped down to only one nap (again about an hour) maybe around 13 months. She didn't sleep through though until much later, though went to bed around 7 and got up anywhere from 5-7am depending.

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My DD is 13 months and has a 2 hr nap in the middle of the day. She also sleeps from about 8pm to 7am (though she usually wakes 2 or 3 times throughout the night)

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My 15 month old sleeps anything from 45 minutes 😡 to 1.5 hours at home, although she will nap for up to 2 hours at nursery which makes bedtime really difficult. She doesn't need as much sleep as my DS did at this age who would sleep for 3 hours and still go to bed at 7.

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Sophie was napping twice a day at age 12-15 months for about 1.5 hours each nap.

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I guess my kids are odd then?
My 2 year old sleeps from 8p-8a with a 3.5-4 hour nap after lunch.
9 month old sleeps from 6p-7a and naps 3 hours after lunch and sometimes a 1 hour nap around 8-8:30a

Is there a thing as too much sleep?

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