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Sleep regression?

Morning all,

My nearly six month old has started waking again in the night. She slept through well and consistently. Now she sleeps from about 730 and then wakes at about 11 or 12 and is up for 2-3 hours! She is wide wide awake and we feed her (she takes it all so wants and need some it) in the dark but then she is up and we cant settle her back to sleep quickly. She isn't upset she is just awake.

She has recently moved to two naps so I wasn't sure if that was the reason? Does She think the last feed is just another big nap? She moved herself to two naps during half term and it works well as they are nice longer naps. She has always found her own routine we haven't forced it on her.

Thank for reading and helping!

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Is she ready for weaning then as it sounds like she is hungry which just Wakes her up now?

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When does she take her last feed before bed? Could you try a dream feed before she wakes to see if that gets her through without waking? We used to dream feed Isabella at 11pm as her last bottle was 6pm and it seen her through to 8am. Introducing solids actually made my kids sleep worse as they had to get used to the feeling of disgusting food and not milk x

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