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Transitioning to crib

DS is 6 months and I would like to try to get him to sleep in his crib. Up to this point, he has primarily coslept, although he does go to bed in his swing now and he comes into bed with me after the first or second tone he wakes up, depending on the night. He's starting to get more mobile now and he's getting too big for his swing, so I want to get him to start sleeping in his crib. DS is a horrible sleeper to begin with, so trying to get him into his crib is really daunting. I didn't have to do a transition like this with my older kids, so it's all new to me.

Any advice?

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My baby would only sleep in his swing and he was outgrowing it too. We detached the bassinet thing from the swing and put it in his crib lol. He is getting used to being "in" the crib now and I think he is almost ready to sleep in it without the swing bed. Maybe that would work for you if nothing else will...

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