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Paranoid about Plagiocephaly

I'm SO paranoid about this whole "flat head" situation... please let me know if I'm worrying for no reason. My 3 month old is a fantastic night sleeper. He sleeps swaddled for 9-10+ hours a night. He mostly sleeps looking straight up and occasionally wriggles his head around. I've started moving his daytime naps into his big crib (before he was napping on me or in a bouncy chair). I need him to get used to his crib. However, I'm paranoid that it's too many hours on a flat surface if he starts napping in his crib. Am I being dumb? When can I stop worrying about it?

Note: his head is perfectly round right now with no signs of flattening. He doesn't like me turning his head anymore now that he's older.

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If his head isn't showing any signs of flattening now and he's already 3 months old, I think he's probably going to be just fine. Most babies are still sleeping quite a bit at that age, and usually on their backs. While plagiocephaly is more common since the Back to Sleep campaign began in the early 90's, it's still rare. Just make sure when he isn't sleeping, he's doing lots of tummy time, being carried in a carrier, having upright time in a jumper (as he gets a little older), etc.
Both of mine were good sleepers by 3 months and slept on their backs, and we never had any flat head issues. They did both have bald spots at the back of their heads, though!

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