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New to cows milk

My DD started on cows milk about 2 weeks ago (just before she turned 1 because she'd finished the formula we had) and she seems fine with it but she's always a little bit sick afterwards? It's not loads but there is some and it always looks curdled (sorry if that's TMI, haha).

Thought I'd ask on here being as it doesn't seem a massive deal but she's my first so I've no idea if her body's just getting used to it or what she's never had a problem with other dairy foods, she eats yoghurts like they're going out of fashion, lol.

She has a 7oz bottle in the morning when she wakes up and a 7oz bottle before she goes to bed so she's not consuming loads of milk but I'm not sure what's normal and what isn't? Is there anything I can do/is it even a problem?

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She might just be taking a little bit too much, so she's getting rid of the excess? Or because it is slightly different consistency than formula she is taking in more air when she drinks it?

Maybe if she took it from a sippy cup she'd pace herself more. It might not help but worth a try maybe...

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I eat yogurt (and frozen yogurt), cheese, heavy cream and sour cream just fine, but milk and ice cream make me feel terrible. I don't know why - I never really looked into it, I just mainly avoid most dairy. I don't give my kids cow's dairy, either. I will give them goat milk or almond milk. Some of them have had bad reactions when exposed to ice cream, so we just stay away from it as a whole. I hope you don't have to do this, but there are plenty of options!

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its probably just her little tummy getting used to it just keep an eye on it

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It's probably nothing all other things being fine (no rash, obvious discomfort, loose bowels, etc.). Mine did have some weird poos and nappy rash when we switched to cow's milk, but she also was teething, so it was hard to know what caused what. Within a month it was fine though. I would just carry on slowly and see how things go.

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