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Solids for preemie twins

When and how did you introduce solids to your preemies? I did baby led weaning with my first at six months. So did you wait until they were six months adjusted, or did you go by their actual age? Did you do baby led weaning or traditional? Where your preemies fed differently than your other children? Why?

Not sure what to do this time around. The pediatrician is recommending traditional weaning now. They can sit up in the highchair, but they have not yet lost their tongue thrust reflex, nor can they grab things and bring it to their mouths (at least, not very well). They are just learning it but I just don't feel they're ready. They are not even showing interest in our food yet.

I posted in the preemie section as well.

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My fourth-born was late, not early, but he still wasn't ready to start baby led weaning until he was over 7 months. My others all took an interest in food early. Not this baby. He's now 1 and eats EVERYthing, so I know there's nothing to worry about. Keep feeding your baby their milk/formula, and wait until they take an interest and can put things in their mouths. Then, go bananas!

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The great thing about Baby led weaning (IMO) is that it isn't just a concept around introducing family food and avoiding spoon feeding, it is also about following your babies' cues as to when they are ready i.e being baby led! If they aren't showing readiness signs even at six months, what's the point? - the food will just get pushed back out again. On the other hand, if they are grabbing food off your plate, putting it in their mouth and chewing then they are ready no matter what age they are. Imagine if you lived at a time or in a culture without dates and calendars - you'd have to follow your baby's lead!

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