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Jumperoo and walker

Hi ladies,

I took my daughter to be weighted yesterday and the HV mentioned to me that you shouldn't let babies go in walkers or jumperooa for too long clearly I'm not going to leave her in one for ages but it's worried me about how long is acceptable. She said if you put them in there for too long they can end up with funny feet as they are on their tip-toes in them.


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If you're leaving her in there for hours at once then yeah... I don't think you'll do that though! My DD loved hers until she could stand on her own, no tip toed walking here! She was in it for minutes at a time, 5-10 mins! She loved it though.

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My grandson love his jumperoo and walker, he gets no longer than 15 minutes in his jumperoo but he loves his walker and now that he can actually move it he wants to be in it all the time, he loves scooting around the kitchen and dining room behind me. My youngest used his walker all the time as well, he walked on his own at 10 months and has had no problems. I guess if you are not leaving them in there for hours on end then there shouldnt be a problem

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