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At that age Gracie was still up until 11pm but then slept until maybe 8am, then was up for maybe 1-2 hours, then slept for another few hours. It was great as I just got up at 7am (which felt like a long lie as before having her I was up for work at 5:30) then the housework was done before she got up, I could play with her for an hour and then she went back to sleep, when I could prepare dinner.

It took until really recently (16 months or so) until she started to go down earlier. Now, she falls asleep at around 7:30 and sleeps til 7am, and she sometimes naps once in the day.

Follow the babies lead!

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Originally Posted by LoraLoo View Post
Nellie falls to sleep for the night around 6.30/7pm whilst having a feed. I keep her with me til I go to bed at 9-10pm. She still wakes several times a night for a feed and we co-sleep. She wakes for the day at 6.30am.
She's 6 months.
Exactly the same as this!! Sleep at 7ish but stays wi5h me downstairs till I go to bed at 9pm and then we cosleep copper and feed through the night as and when required and he was for the day at 6.30am!

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Naps on and off from about 1800 till 2200 then awake till midnight last feedbis about 2330 put down in the cot drops off till about 0730 or 0800 feeds goes back off till 1030ish lazy little girl doesn't really sleep in the day at all after that

If the routines working for you stick with it bugger what anyone else thinks

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It was around around 630 / 730 ish. It was just starting to get darker much earlier than which I think helped push bedtime forward.

We seem to be having later bedtimes now with it staying light longer.

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