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Duvet and pillow?

DD turned 1 on the 8th and is still in sleeping bags, however, quite often I go in to find she's undone her sleeping bag during the night (god knows how!!) and wakes cold. I'm wondering whether a duvet would be better for her? When did you switch?

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With my son I switched him to a duvet & pillow at 1 although I made the transition from sleeping bag with the duvet to gradually just duvet until I knew he would stay in the duvet!

My daughter she has had a pillow from 1 and a blanket - she hated sleeping bags and she hates blankets so she starts the night with it on but soon kicks it off, I am going to give her a duvet when I change her cot to a toddler bed this weekend but I doubt she will actually sleep under the duvet

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My son was about a year when I switched to blanket. He got a pillow around 15 months I think. Before that I had a crib wedge for him.

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I never did a blanket or pillow while my babies were still in a crib. I moved each of them out of the crib at 12-15 months (mostly because I was pregnant every time and didn't want to move them too close to the time of the next baby's birth). I gave blankets between 18-24 months, and I didn't give them pillows until after they were 2. Now, my "older" kids (2, 3, 5) have very flat pillows. They have teeny little necks, so they don't need a thick pillow.

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We switched to a pillow around 16 months and then added a duvet later, maybe closer to 20 months. I would have happily done it from the same time but it was July and too hot for a duvet until October. My condition for using the duvet was I wanted her in a bed first. I didn't feel comfortable with a massive duvet in a cot as it would have easily bunched up at the sides and gone over her head. But we also bedshared most of the time and when she was with me she used a duvet from probably 8 months ish or maybe a year if it was cold enough.

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We are waiting until DD is old enough to cover herself back up with the duvet if she gets cold before we give her one. Right now she moves so much in her sleep that there's no way she would stay under a duvet, and if she woke up cold she would just cry for us to come help her instead of just covering herself back up. She is happy in her sleep sack so she will probably stay in it until she is at least 2, or until we move her to a toddler bed. She doesn't have a pillow yet, it seems pointless to give her one when she moves so much in her sleep.

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Gracie was 15 months. She was getting frustrated with the bars on her cot so we took off one side and got a bed guard and gave her a very thin pillow and duvet. She sleeps so much better now (7-7 most nights) - I think it is because it seemed more like our bed for her.

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DD2 has had a duvet for a couple of months now. We never got on with sleeping bags she just hates being restricted. I won't give her a pillow for a while but thats only because she's a tummy sleeper so there isn't really much need for one ATM. She does sometimes wake up without the duvet but she's always put to bed with fluffy pjs/sleepsuit and our heating is on through the night so she doesn't get too cold.

DD1 had a pillow and a blanket from 12 months as she was and still is a very still sleeper.

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She may be undoing it because she wants her legs free. Have you tried the Halo Early Walker sleepsac?

My son still wears one and he'll be 3 in July. He won't keep blankets on (he moves like crazy). So this cover works great - and he can walk/run in it. Lol

Sizing is crazy. My son is in the 90% for height (38.5" tall) and the Large still fits him. It was pretty big on him last winter, but totally fine. And now I get another winter out of it. Haha

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