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Best Sleep Training Technique

Hey everyone! I plan on sleep training my daughter in May once we come back from vacation. She will be almost 7 months at that time. Right now she sleeps swaddled in a pack and play in our room. She also nurses to sleep every night. She wakes up 1-3 times a night and I have to nurse her back to sleep each time even if it's just for a few minutes. I plan on transitioning her to her own room at that time. What is the most effective and least painful way to sleep train her? I would like to not have to do it more than once. if you are against sleep training, please don't leave any comments. I've done my research and this will be the best for my family and daughter. I want her to learn good sleep habits. Honestly, a full night sleep doesn't sound too bad for me either! Thanks for your advice!!

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Im not against sleep training as all families are different but I do think you need to be realistic about what can be achieved.

Research from the Infant Sleep Information Source suggests that while sleep training can be effective in giving families more sleep, it often has to be repeated when upsets like illness/teething/developmental changes interrupt the habit that has been previously trained.

I followed some of the gentle methods in the No Cry Sleep solution but it isn't sleep training really, just creating new associations with sleep so that when your child is ready to separate from you they can do so more easily. Probably not what you are looking for...

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I'm a FTM with an almost 6 month old son and don't have much experience with sleep training yet other than I'm weaning him off the need for rocking to sleep. I'm down to barely rocking him btw

Anyway I would think that what method would work though also depends on your LO. All babies are different so what method may work for one may not work at all for another. I would think you'd need to research the different methods and see which ones fall in line with your personal parenting beliefs (e.g. CIO or not?) and try the one you feel is the best fit. I don't think anyone can tell you that, people would only be able to advise what methods worked for them or for friends/relatives. So yeah, do some research and find out what you think is the best fit is my advice!

Btw I can totally vouch for that sleeping changes with things like teething and developmental changes/leaps. My son sleeps worse during these times but seems to snap back when the event is over although I heard that that can be a bit different as some babies don't go back.

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