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4 month old, slight head tilt

DS is 4 months old and I've noticed that his head has a slight tilt to his right. He has a good range of movement in his neck, looks to both sides, up and down. He can hold his head up fine without wobbling but there is just this slight tilt that's making me worried that something might be wrong. To be fair I haven't done as much tummy time as I probably should have as he struggles with reflux and gets bored of it quickly no matter how I distract him. I'm going to try doing lots more tummy time over the next few weeks and see if it helps. Do you think I should be worried?

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I would take him to see a cranial osteopath. It's quite common, especially if they were in a funny position in the womb (so babies who were possibly back to back or breech) or were in a funny position being born or otherwise needed some help (like you had a c-section for a medical reason or an assisted delivery), for there to be some tightness in one side of the neck or shoulders that can lead to a head tilt. Mine was back to back and had a fairly long time coming down the birth canal (because we was turning around as she did it), so her head and neck were a bit squished for a few hours. For the first month or so she had exactly that tightness and often only turned her head one way. We had an appointment with our osteopath who did some massage on it to release the tension and she was fine after that. Tummy time won't necessarily help, though is good for other things. It's sort of like if you get a spasm in your neck and can't turn your head one way, exercising it more won't really help (and might make it worse) until you release the tension and get rid of the spasm. It only took one appointment for us, so it's worth a try and doesn't cost that much.

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