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How long do they last approx Viral Rash

My little boy has a rash.

He has had it since tuesday, i took him to the doctors on wed and he said it was a viral rash which im sure it is.

It is just starting to concern me somemore now has the rash is still there and spreading.

He has had them in the past and its along time ago so dont really remember how long they last.

Anyone no roughly how long they last i know they will be different but shouldnt be too many days in them.

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Mum (Mom)
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It could last up to two-weeks.

If baby seems to be okay in himself then I wouldn't worry.

You could apply a camaline lotion, or ask at your nearest chemist for something for it? It may help if there is any itchiness, and help clear it up quicker...

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Hope his rash clears up soon and its not irritating him to much x

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Charlie had one a couple of weeks ago, but it only lasted a couple of days.

Problem is that they can only guess really when they diagnose a viral rash. If you're at all worried, get him down to your local NHS walk-in centre. They are really good there. Probably be really busy cause it's Easter, but I would take him if I were you. Just to put your mind at rest.

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