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Wow it's amazing how so many are judging me without knowing a thing about me! For everyone's information, I grew up with a malignant narcissist for a mother so suggesting I'm out for myself upsets me more than it would most people because I'm nothing like my mother. But I'm sure the people saying I must be out for more self-esteem knew that because apparently you all know everything about me.

The truth is that DH and I have had issues with just dropping her because she's such an emotional mess. How do you drop a friend that has super low self-esteem without coming off like a jerk? Also talking to her about it isn't an option. Whenever I've done so in the past she just gets upset and makes me out to be mean for suggesting she's anything but a super self less individual.

Anyway it doesn't matter as she apparently is miffed that I haven't been asking her about her TTC'ing constantly (was afraid to ask much into it in case she found it upsetting) so she's starting to pull away. So think the friendship is over which is a relief.

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