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I am not in that boat, but I do want to share that the other side of the fence is just as annoying. We have three girls. During my pregnancy I constantly got told that people were hoping my third was a boy (we were actually hoping for another girl). Now that our third daughter is here, we get comments about when we plan on having a boy. We are likely done, but if I ever got pregnant again, I'm sure that's all I would hear. Having one of each is SO important to some people, it seems. I do think it's considered the "perfect" arrangement, and that the general expectation is that if you've achieved it in your first two pregnancies, then you can (should) stop having children. It's pretty irritating. :-/

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I don't recall any annoying comments. My midwife asked me what I was hoping for, and someone said to me it doesn't matter what I get because I already have one of each. That was it! I was hoping fervently for another girl so I was pleased.

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I have three boys and constantly asked when we are trying for a girl
We're not I'm done people were so rude when we found out number three were a boy saying things like ahh that's a shame etc x

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We are having boy number 2 and I 'think' we will end up having 3 children in total. I've already had comments this time about it being a shame that we didn't get one of each and I just know for sure if we try again people will assume we are trying for a daughter. Not the case at all! It's so annoying really.

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