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Is a 14 month sleep regression normal?

Poppy was sleeping really well, up until a few weeks ago. Now she's waking a few times every night, screaming. She won't stop until she's cuddling with me or her Dad. Is this normal? I don't know what I can do to help her, and stop whatever it is that's bothering her. I thought it might be her teeth, but even giving Calpol etc before bed doesn't make a difference! X

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My kids have had their sleep regressions at all different times... I think common are at 12 and 18 months, but all babies like to do their own thing. My daughter went through her most difficult sleep regression at around 16 months old, and was NOT pretty. Also just screamed and wouldn't stop until she was snuggling with one of her parents. We gave her some time to work it out and eventually started just carrying her right into bed. No eye contact, no spoken words, just carried her back to her room, tucking her back in and going back to bed. We stayed up all night doing this for a few nights before she realized she wasn't winning the battle and just stayed in her bed. My OH wanted to let her continue to come into my room, since we love her so much, but she would be cranky and grumpy ALL DAY every day since she just couldn't get enough sleep this way. We had to end it.

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