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Baby led weaning

My baby is 6 months old past month we been on porridge and a dinner weekend I tried him with some toast we sucked it a little then threw it on the floor lol looking for ideas for what else I can give him that will be easier to munch on first time having a go at the baby led weaning didn't do it with my other to xx

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Boiled vegetables are good, for instance carrots cut into batons so they are easy to hold and boiled until quite soft. Parsnips too, or broccoli or cauliflower. Cheese sticks, bread sticks.

All I can think of at the mo in my sleep deprived state!

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I have DD whatever we were having! Her first meal was chicken in black bean sauce, veg and rice! It was messy!! At this age, food is a fun, play thing as well as a food-source but don't worry about needing to fill them up with food. They will get what they need from their milk still. For blw, just keep everything chunky so LO can pick it up and munch on one end. With blw you wouldn't spoon feed at all as your encouraging LO to self feed from the start.

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Anything stick shaped or that is slightly bigger than fist sized us good to start. It doesn't matter if they eat any at first and certainly mine didn't eat anything at all for the first two weeks, so I'd just keep doing what you're doing and give it time. Roasted carrots, parsnips and sweet potato sticks or wedges, toast fingers, stone fruit cut in half with stone removed, banana (cut in half or in thirds), steamed broccoli, cucumber sticks, pancakes. Basically what we ate but I tried to make sure I made things in sizes that were a bit easier for her to grab.

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