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Newbie2013 yes don't feel bad! if it gets them the sleep they need and they're still only so little.

I actuall did start putting her down to nap in our bed. And it's working really well so far, and her nighttime sleep hasn't changed either. I don't even have to do a lot to help her fall asleep and stay asleep. I do still lie next to her, so maybe she just needs to know i'm right there?
Whatever it is, she naps pretty decently there so i will keep it up for now. As soon as we get another cord for the baby monitor camera i'll try leaving the room when she's asleep so i can get things done around the house. But if that makes her sleep worse again i guess i'm doomed to have about an hour long rest in bed three times a day.

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My baby is exactly the same! Self settles mostly at night, self settles for some naps but for others needs rocked, sometimes wakes up after 45 mins still tired and needs rocked again! He is 7 months and although I know this is totally normal (he is my 3rd baby), most people in real life seem to have babies that just sleep whenever and wherever!! It is easy to get disheartened but it honestly sounds totally normal to me!

My mum also claims that all of her 5 children slept all night from a few weeks old and hardly cried etc etc I think she's doting ��

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