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I agree with everyone else that it should be fine ❤ I especially think it sounds like it would mean a lot to his elderly grandma to see baby. We are planning to take a 3-4 hr car trip mid December and my baby will be 6-8 weeks old. If baby's healthy I wouldn't have a concern.

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Honestly it'll be fine and you can stop every so often if you have to. My second isn't fond of the car either so I understand.

I don't know your family dynamic but once every 2 months to me seems more than reasonable I'm sure they're all excited to have the baby at their house.

Regarding pass the parcel I found having mine in a carrier really reduces this, it's not why I did it but people seem less likely to ask if it seems to be a hassle to get them out. Plus just tell them you think the change of scenery is a big change for baby so staying close with you will help them get used and be more comfortable there in the future

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Thanks everyone, think we will being planning the trip within the next few weeks. DD has her first immunisations this week so that's the first hurdle to jump!

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