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Newborn on the school run

So come late August/early September we'll have the third and final addition to our family. DD will be 5 and ds will be 3. Obviously I'll have dd to get to school and was wondering how other parents managed the school run. Any tips? I'm worried about getting everyone up and and ready and out of the door. My dh works long hours and starts early so he is always out generally before we are all up and won't help at all with the routine or run itself.

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DD2 was 4 months when DD1 started nursery. I just changed her nappy and fresh bottle and put her in the pram . Dressed her once DD1 was in school! I still do this now if we are in a rush! .

Maybe get up a little earlier before you get the kiddos up so you can get ready yourself and you probably already do this but have everything organised and to hand.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! X

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My main tip is get up early!! There's nothing worse than rushing round at the last minute. Try and have uniforms and bags etc organised the night before. Other than that things tend to work out ok.

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My son started year one when my baby was due. The first school run was a nervous day! I got everything prepared in advance and was up early to ensure we were on time. I offered baby a feed about 20 mins before she left so she was fed but not too close that she would be sick. To be honest as we drive five minutes to school everyone commented for months that she was always asleep!

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Pack bags, iron uniform and have it laid out the night before (as well as your own clothes)
Don't bother getting baby changed. A quick nappy change is sufficient, they will be in the pram so nobody will even know!
I've been doing the school/nursery run on my own since dd1 started nursery, so for 3 years, and it's really not much different with a newborn. Now I'm a dab hand at getting myself and 3 girls (the fashion parade might I add) ready in no time!
You will find a way to make it work, and you will wonder why you were even worrying!

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You'll make it work. I had to when I had Freya. I lay out clothes and bags the night before but now we can be up and out the door in 55 minutes.

Like somebody else said, quick nappy change for baby. I had to be careful with planning as baby always needed a quick breastfeed right before we left so I had to be organised enough so that by 8.15 I could sit down to feed for 20 minutes before we left.

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I suggest practicing at least a week before school starts back up too. Get into the routine. My OH works nights and isn't home in time to help. It just takes some practice and than it will be your new normal. We have some stressful mornings at times but we had that before the newborn too.

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Pramsuits thick or thin were really helpful for us, it meant baby could do the school run in pyjamas underneath it.

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A sling of some sort!! All my kids have hated waiting to be fed as babies (and I was breastfeeding) the sling kept LO asleep or placated for the duration of the school run and I would feed as soon as we go back home or to the car. I used a stretchy wrap and pre tied it, popping him in and out from the car seat if it was raining, or walked if the weather was OK. It's not awkward for long. The last minute poosplosions were always fun, but I tried to time milk so I could change nappy last of all before leaving xxx

Ps. And what I've since learned is there is no point in stressing over being late. Sometimes it can't be helped! Schools do understand xx

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We are just getting into the swing of it. My middle girl was younger than yours so I bought an oyster 2 tandem. She can walk when she wants to or go in the pram if she's creating and I need to put her in there to get there fast! Dd1 has a wrist strap. I make packed lunch the night before and lay out all clothes. I shower just before bed in the night ( and sometimes again at lunch time) so I'm clean and can just get dressed and do simple hair and make up. Some mornings run smoother than others but now dd3 is entertained by her sisters it easier! I love it if one or two stay asleep last 6.30 so I can get myself ready in peace!

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