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3week old was sick a little n then was gasping for air!!! Even went a bit blue!!!

Just feeding baby girl and all was normal. She has a cold at just 3wo bless.

So was winding her as she wouldnt stop whining which tends to mean trapped air somewhere. She then had tiny bit of sick come up with a burp.

Pretty normal until she started gasping frantically for air!! I kept rubbing her back n bouncing her thinking maybe some sick had gotten stuck.

From between her nose n mouth is went blue! N a little bit under her mouth too.

She sorted herself out and got her breath back n has been ok since although above her mouth is still tinged blue.

We have told all the health proffessionals that she gasps when eating to a worrying degree taking in so much air we spend more time taking her bottle back (or she jumps of the breast) to wind her than feed her. They all keep saying its normal for some babies n she will learn but after this i am really freaking out!!!

She had shoulder distosia and had oxygen when she was born but lucky enough didnt need an nicu stay but we did have to stay in for 3days. I just keep freaking out that she actually has breathing difficulties due to being stuck so long.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
Is it all in my head and apart from the thing juzt now does she sound normal?
I nearly lost her once already and I know its made me very paranoid but seriously how will i now sleep knowing she may struggle again.

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my 2nd son has always done similar. i don't know why - we've had him checked over multiple times, but he's fine. he turns a little blue in the lips and nose area if he's crying for a bit. one time he cried so hard, he turned blue and passed out for about 5 seconds. thankfully i was at the doctor when this happened and the doctor said it happens pretty often.

ask your doctor about it, but it sounds pretty normal. they love to terrify us!

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Blue baby means they need more oxygen! I've got a bit of a "choker" as well, probably letting down too fast when feeding, but if she was to turn blue I would definitely consult the dr. If she choked and/or stayed blue I would consider it an emergency situation even if they were breathing again/still breathing. If baby has a cold and stays blue they may very well be lacking oxygen from being stuffed up and/or shallow breathing due to the cold - it's not crazy uncommon. Also, newborns are still learning to normalize their breathing pattern so they're more susceptible to ending up in a situation where they're not getting enough oxygen. I would rather play it safe myself :-)

Hope all is well!


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