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My grandson is a little younger (almost 8 months) he usually has about 2-3 naps a day but one of those naps will only be a quick refresh, first nap is usually about 10-10.30am, he can sleep for up to 2 hours at this time, second nap will be at about 3-4pm which will be about an hour long, if he takes a third nap it will be at about 7ish and can last about 15-30 mins, he goes to bed at 9.30pm and that will be him until 8-8.30am. He has been in this routine since he was about 4 months so I am guessing he will still be in it at 10 months.

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Just a whinge - her sleep is getting WORSE and WORSE!!

I've got her naps on a pretty good routine, but now she won't go to bed at night unless I have her in bed with me to start with. Then she's waking up to nurse about 4 times, and another few times just to party.

Last night she fell asleep at 7:30, was awake by 8:15 and took an hour to fall back asleep (nursed on left side), nursed at 10pm on right side, woke at 11 just to climb on my face and bite my ear, woke at midnight and was wide awake for 1.5 hours, woke at 2am and was awake for half an hour (nursed on left side), woke again 20 minutes later (nursed on right side).

I got up at 4:30 because I was frustrated and couldn't sleep, I tried getting her into her cot (crib) but she screamed her head off so she got up with me. Nursed again from both sides, had some toast, put her back in her bed at 6:50 and lay her back down 5 times before she stopped screaming at 7:10. It's 7:13 and I can hear her babbling away to herself. Now her naps will be messed up and she will be up later at night than I can handle.

This baby used to wake ONCE a night by 2 months old and was sleeping all the way through half of the nights a week until 5 months .

I love this age for how wonderful she is during the day, but hate the night so much!!? Bleh.

She's working on the first stage before taking her first steps, so maybe that isn't helping. She's letting go of furniture when cruising and standing there not holding on and cheering for herself, and all that fun stuff. Getting braver and stronger and figuring out balance.

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