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This is my youngest at 7.5 months, got all 4 top teeth pretty much together (obv pic shows her left ones came in a bit sooner than right ones) but had all of her teeth, include first set of molars by her first birthday.
My eldest was a bit getting hers, around 10/11 months when she got her top two.
Dd2 got her fangs before her middle ones too, but there was only a few weeks between so it didn't last long. She got them around 9 months

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I think around 11 months he got top ones. Bottom was 7 months

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My daughter got her bottom two together at 5 months n has cut her top ones last week and looks like there's more on the way she is 8 months next week x

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My lo is 15 month only has her two bottom teeth ... Not a sign of another yet lol....

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Typical that after I posted this... guess which two teeth are currently coming through

Might be the weirdest crop I've ever done

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Yay! Cute teeth

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Aww! I love baby teeth. So cute.

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