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Biting, ouch!!

I've never had to deal with a biting baby before! Emma started biting a couple of weeks ago, it started out she would bite Thomas because he wouldn't stop picking her up or getting in her face. So biting for a fair reason I suppose! She would first try yelling and smacking and the bite came when that failed.

But now she is biting constantly! Mainly me too, and slapping me in the face. Any little thing that doesn't go her way, BITE. She will bite my nose/cheek/shoulder if I pick her up while she's busy or having fun but we have to go somewhere else. She will bite my hands when I put her in the carseat. If I don't get to her in 0.00001 seconds when she cries at night, she will be biting the blanket. If someone is in her way on the floor, she will scurry to our feet and bite them.

I've tried placing her own hand in her mouth when she bites but so far it isn't discouraging her.

Any ideas?

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I shout "OUCH" (making sure my baby knows I'm hurt and that it's not funny) and place my baby down in a pack 'n' play and leave the room for a minute. I do this mostly because it makes me angry that my baby has hurt me, and I just need a minute to cool off, but my babies always stop biting me very quickly. I'm not trying to punish my baby but instead, let them know that they've hurt me and that I have to put them down (in a safe place). That said, my babies will continue to bite others until they've moved past this phase.

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With smacking I tell her 'nicely' or 'kind hands please W' (she has a habit of smacking my face because she finds it hilarious... thanks baby) and use her hand to stroke my face and say 'awwww'. If she doesn't get it, I put her down and tell her no thank you.

With biting, I tried the 'ouch' method and she just found it funny so did it more. I had to tell her again 'no thank you, we don't bite mummy etc, that hurts' if she proceeded I'd move away and remove the object she was biting and tell her 'if you're going to bite me/whoever/whatever then I'll/we'll/it'll be moved away from you because that isn't very nice!' obviously she doesn't understand the whole spiel of what I said but she did get the actions and doesn't bite people anymore! Might be a fluke

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A loud ouch .... That hurt mummy .... Immedialty stop what your doing , playing , feeding , holding ect .. Put her down for a few seconds .... So she gets the message you bite ... Game ends .... Then go back and give her a kiss say gentle mount before resuming your activity .. Repete as often as necessary.... She get it !!! We are going through the same with my 13 month old with biting and face slapping

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biting , ouch

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