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Originally Posted by Unlucky41 View Post
Rachel I am too scared when my son gets too big for the carrier. Hoping he may then like the stroller for naps maybe.

AnneD my daughter is exactly the same but don't know if you can do that with a older toddler around. At 2 and 9 months she still sleeps on my bed but she no longer needs to cuddle me to sleep! I still have to be in the same room though.

Why are these babies so hard
Good question!!! Why ARE these babies so hard!? Every club I go to I'm always the only Mum getting no sleep! I know they tell you not to compare but it's hard not to when you're barely surviving on such little sleep while everyone else seems to be coping!

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Rachel I feel exactly the same as you. My back is killing me due to my 11.5 weekend baby sleeping on me all the time. It would be slightly better if he sleeps on daddy and gives me a rest. My husband claims that our son only wants me. I think he is just trying to get out of it eh?

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