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Baby might have a heart problem ...cant cope with the anxiety about it

Hi ladies my dd is 9 weeks and has been in and out of hospital for silent reflux since birth. 2 weeks ago we had to take her in again and at this point 5 docs listened to her heart and said she has a heart murmur...we were floored by this. We had an inpatient echocardiogram carried out and the specialist said she doesnt have a murmur but increased flow in the aorta. He didn't seem worried and said he would see her again in 4 months. We went home and I literally fell apart with worry and contacted him the next day saying how can you say my baby might have a heart problem and leave me like this for 4 months. He agreed to.see her again in 2 months and contacted colleagues at the freeman hospital who said to see her in 4 months and if it's still high they will see her but the specialist said because she's thriving and all the structures of the heart are normal this might just be normal for her. I should be reassured by this but I'm not. I have major health anxiety about my kids and we have had nothing but worry about dd since she was born. She's never happy, cries a lot because of her reflux which never seems to be controlled and my life feels like a massive nightmare. I've been diagnosed with pnd because of everything and been having panic attacks. OH is actually going on the sick tomorrow because I just can't cope with all the worry whilst trying to look after our 4 year old ds. I feel so guilty because with dd having these issues and screaming he gets pushed out. I feel so overwhelmed and of course I be googled baby heart problems and every time she sleeps too much or breathes funny I get into a pure panic. Today she's only drank half the ounces she usually takes but I don't know whether it's her heart or reflux (poor feeding is a symptom of both). Literally at my wits end and there's nothing I can do. Whenever I take her to the gp about reflux they just think I'm mental (I work there and they don't treat us like patients it's like they mock the amount of appointments she has had)

Just had to get this out. I Just want to enjoy my baby and son but everyday just gets worse at the moment.

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Big hugs. Try not to google (I'm queen of googling so recognise that's easier said than done) - no good will come of it.

I've got my second reflux baby so understand how difficult that side is. Don't beat yourself up - it's so hard and I find it hard to cope at times without the added worry of the heart issue.

Look after yourself and make sure you get time for you xx

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I can totally relate to having health anxiety about the kids !

First off please don't use google I know we all do but it scares the life out of me and some things can be totally unrelated with misinformation or not the whole picture given.

It's an awful time waiting or hospital appointments so you get a defiant outcome all you can do in the meantime is what you are doing ! Reflux is a nightmare too.

All I can say in relation to the heart condition is that my nephew has a major heart condition was diagnosed a few weeks old and he was admitted straight away with further tests during the following days. It's reassuring that the structure of her heart is normal

Try and look after yourself as much as possible too. Hope we hear some good and reassuring news in the coming weeks . Xoxo

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