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Extremely wriggly baby!

Hey everyone. My DD is 3 months old and has always been very very wriggly. I've never really been around babies much before so just assumed it was normal but now that we've started going to classes I've noticed no other babies seem to wriggle like she does. She is constantly flailing her arms and kicking her legs when laying down. If I'm holding her she'll kick out her legs, arch her back, twist and turn. It's so difficult to hold her! There doesn't seem to be a waking moment she just lays still. She just seems so uncomfortable all the time. It makes it really hard to feed her. I switched from breastfeeding to bottle feeding because I just couldn't hold her still to feed but I'm having the same problem whilst bottle feeding. It's becoming so frustrating.

Is this something she'll eventually grow out of or is there something specific causing this?

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Is it happy wriggling or grumpy wriggling?

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Sounds like my Grandson lol he wriggled from the day he was born never stayed still, always moving his arms and legs, he wasnt grumpy, just moved a lot. He started rolling before he was 4 months, sitting on his own by 5 months, crawling before he was 6 months and pulling up and cruising by 7 months, now at just 8 months he is attempting to let go and walk unaided :O He still moves a lot but I think he is just a curious baby and always wants to be on the move, he likes to be on the floor moving around and doesnt wriggle as much when he is on the move but if you lift him he wriggles, squirms and tries to crawl out of your arms lol He doesnt like to be held much prefers to be off exploring

This is just my experience, if you think she is in pain at all then I would get her checked out but I do know some babies just dont like being held, they like to be on the floor moving around

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If your baby doesn't seem to be in pain, some people just don't like to sit still. My fourth-born is the same way. He hasn't stayed still for anything! He is 15m old now and still doesn't stay still! My first baby had extreme reflux and would writhe in pain, wiggling and kicking and fussing. Definitely a noticeable difference. But otherwise, I'd say your baby is just fine, and have fun chasing after her in a year when she's running all over, getting into everything! Haha... It's wonderful for them to be active and curious.

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