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a million the change from one baby to two is massive I found it very hard and was so worried I wouldn't be able to cope I kept breaking down, everyone does and if they say they don't then they r lying! its a huge change for everyone in the house my husband and I were on the bring of divorce and I didn't care either, but looking back now I know I was struggling I went back to work after 10 weeks so feel I was rushed into it because I had a new job opportunity that thankfully worked out great, and got to stay home with my kids. my boys have never had colic but my nieces have and its awful, but the end is in sight she will be weaned soon hun and her appointments coming up so she will improve wit time, as for your son hes just trying to adjust just like you are, is there anyone to watch the baby while you take him out for a treat just you and him? or do something just for him while the baby naps? as for your oh im sure he doesnt think that, would he help with the kids much?

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