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First night home

Three day old dd2 been a dream sleeper in hospital, formula feed small amount put down sleep, eat sleeep repeat

First night home been fab all afternoon in Moses basket bedtime & will not settle in crib only happy on me

Not happy in swaddle, on me at mo but every time I put down wakes & cries! Any suggestions / ideas?

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Have you tried a half swaddle? It's a normal swaddle technique but you leave the arms out. My DS would only swaddle that way.

White noise could be what she's looking for as well. In the hospital and being near you there would be a lot of background noise she may not be getting in the crib.

You could also just let her sleep in the Moses basket for now. It may just be cozier than the crib...

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My dd2 was the same. Slept fine in the hospital, but from the moment we brought her home, she would not be put down in her bassinet for a second! We just embraced it and co sleep. She still can't sleep without me, but it is only for a short time in the grand scheme of things. I hope you can find a way for you all to get some sleep.

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It's very normal for them to be unsettled in the evenings and overnight, even if sleeping well during the day. Frankly, my daughter didn't sleep anywhere but in our arms for the first 6 weeks. We held her all day and then we did shifts at night where one of us was up while the other slept (my husband would wake me for feeds as I was bf at the time and then go back to sleep). He did 7pm-1am and I did 1-6am. We did that til 6 weeks when she was happy to sleep next to me (we had always planned to bedshare). Personally, in the evening, I wouldn't even bother putting a baby that little down. They like to be close to you so I would keep it that way. One of you can sit with baby while the other does bedtime and things around the house and/or sleeps. At night, being close to you, movement (rocking), vibration, and feeding while lying down next to you all worked for us. When we did start to put our daughter to sleep on her own (not being held or in the wrap) at 4 months, I would lie down next to her and feed her (a bottle at this point, with a slow teat so it didn't come out too fast) and she fell asleep easily like that. Eventually she grew out of it and would go to sleep more with a cuddle rather than fed to sleep, but that was closer to 6 months. I think try lots of different things and do whatever works.

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I remember this with my dd! She was very sleepy the first couple of days and then woke up around day 3. They do get days and nights mixed up at first.
All I can suggest really is keep nightimes dark and calm so that she starts to get the idea that it's night.

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DS2 is the same as DS1 for me - won't sleep unless it's on me. Only exception is the 10pm to 1.30-2am period of sleep where for some reason he'll happily go to sleep in his crib in a sleepyhead. I've given up trying to put him down now and let him sleep in an ergobaby in the day and on me for the remainder of the night. He gets sleep and I can get stuff done with my hands free while he's in the carrier. My DS1 was like it for a few months and then started sleeping alone. He's now the most amazing sleeper so I'm not worrying about "creating a rod for my back" as everyone liked to tell me I was 5 years ago...

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This is usual. They keep us in the hospital for the easy part and then send us home just in time for baby to get over the trauma of birth and start acting out. Haha - ahh. Sorry. Newborns really don't tend to want to be put down because they're used to being with someone non-stop and don't think they're "their own person" yet. Instead, your baby still thinks they're a part of YOU. If you're missing from the equation, your baby feels lonely and incomplete and doesn't know what to do with themselves. I have a cosleeper for this reason. My baby can see/hear/smell me, and I can easily reach in and touch them. It makes the transition easier, but I do tend to hold my babies all night long for at least the first month of their lives, sorry to say. Note: I am an attachment parent. Some may "make" their babies adjust to live outside of the womb. I do not.

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