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I still dont do daily baths at age 4. I bathe them roughly every 3 days mainly because my eldest had excema so its been drummed into my head that baths can actually make it worse. Weve never done baths as a nightime routine either we do it in the daytime but i know im not the norm

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I've never done daily baths for DS, have always stuck to once a week. I also never used soap or shampoo until he was well over two and even then I only used them occasionally, a few times a year.

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we've done daily baths for both boys at around 3-4 months. it's part of their bedtime routine, and they both love it. it actually helps the little eczema patches they both get. we also are outside constantly - about 3-4 hours a day at the park, taking walks, in sand pits. so they're filthy every single day. we wash hair every other day in cooler weather when we're not as sweaty and dirty, and everyday in hot, sweaty weather. (they really are covered head to toe in dirt) both boys have trouble getting to sleep quickly without their routine at night - mealtime, brush teeth, bath, story time and bed.

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When we started weaning. I don't do strictly baby led but do a lot of self feeding so they definitely needed a bath every day at that age!

It's part of bedtime now and both my kids love the bath so we'll continue it.

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My LO is 12 weeks and we've been doing daily baths from 9 weeks.. she doesn't need one at all but she loves it and I enjoy doing bath time with her! She splashes like crazy and giggles & smiles away My LO has very good skin luckily, so I use a small amount of baby bath for bubbles and for a little clean! We have it as part of our bedtime routine, it distracts her from her evening grumpiness and cheers her up! She also has reflux and brings up milk all over herself .. so bath time helps her not smell of sour milk! I'm sure things may change in the future as her routine changes etc.

I'd say it's a personal preference, if your child is dirty, wash them! If not and you don't want too/worried about their skin, then a couple times a week is fine!

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I've never given daily baths. Even at almost 4 my daughter has a wash at the sink every morning and a shower twice per week to wash her hair. My son is almost 2 and is washed with a flannel daily and showerd maybe once or twice a week but his hair is only washed with water nothing else. Daily baths aren't needed for cleaning. Some people do it for routine and wind down time but aren't essential for cleanliness and can be detrimental for babies with skin conditions like eczema x

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