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Pale colored poo

My son will be 4 months old on the 21st. He's a slow grower in both weight and height, but has always been well hydrated, producing a daily stool, and super super bright, happy, and strong. He's well ahead of the game and trying to sit up on his own already and is a total tumbleweed with his rolling. He was diagnosed with silent reflux and we put him on generic Zantac. He's been on it for the better part of a month with no issues what so ever. I've also added 2 6oz bottles of formula to help supplement him as I'm paranoid. He has never LOOKED poorly.

72 hours ago he started running a fever and we noticed pale poo for about a week. I should say *I* noticed pale poo. My husband said "oh it's normal"... Nah... It's blanched. We went to the ER over the fever and they only put a bag on him to collect urine. He's not dehydrated and has no indication of a UTI. They sent him home even though the fever could only be held steady at 100.9.

The pale stool has continued... I've attached pictures of it. Called his on call Ped and have been told to take him back to the ER.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Ped and Dr Google were not very reassuring.

From today July 9;

From yesterday, July 8;

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Could it be a blocked bile duct ?

DD1 had a few problems with conditioned etc and sometimes her stools would be white /clay coloured. My GP didn't seem concerned because she always looked well .

Hope the Doctor in ER takes your concerns more seriously

Since we had this constipation under issue she's been fine ! . It could also be the medication he's on I've heard some medication can change your stools .

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