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Wonder week leap 4 and sleep regression

Is anyone going through this at the moment. My son has always been a bad sleeper especially in the daytime. Can't self settle at all and needs to be carried and rocked to sleep. But lately when I try to put him to sleep for his first nap he cries murder! And sometimes he would drift off in my arms but 10 minutes later he is crying murder. The mornings used to be the easiest to rock him to sleep now the hardest. I took him to the car to go to the shops and be smiles at me when putting him in the car. I know he is tire thought.

At the shops put him in the carrier and he slept 2 hours. He was so tire but insisted not to sleep until he looked around at the shops.

He is a catnapper unless he is in the carrier but now except today he only does 20 to 30 minutes. Then he gets more and more grumpier during the day as I suspect he is overtire.

At night or takes ages to put him back to sleep although I am probably lucky that he only wakes up twice.

Anyone going through this or have been through it. With my first she was a bad sleeper but if I carried her to sleep usually fine.

I really home he gets better. Cat napping is so tiring and I don't really want to have to sleep train him but might have to at 6 months. 8kg at 3.5 months he is breaking my back!

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