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MrsButterfly, I was dissappointed as in my mind the ranitidine would have been the 'magic' cure but in reality I have no idea! I don't really want to medicate, I cried when I had to give formula when breast feeding wasn't working out, I felt I was feeding him poison, and now I'm throwing all sorts of stuff into him in an effort to stop him being uncomfortable and grunting all the time! I really really hope like you he just improves. My husband had two other kids so I know it's not just me being an oversensitive first time mum as he says it's not normal.

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Yep I was absolutely convinced ranitidine would solve all our issues! A few weeks feels like forever when you're sleep deprived and baby is clearly uncomfortable. I think as soon as they work out how to get some of their wind out things improve. Mine was definitely suffering from trapped wind, he still flails around now when he has a burp stuck.

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