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Normal development for 15 weeks?

Hi ladies just wondering if my little girls development sounds normal. She's 15 weeks and has silent reflux so doesn't seem to like tummy time much. She has rolled front to back a few times on her activity mat which is on a slight incline and can hold her head and neck up on her arms and also when flat. She's also just starting to grasp at toys but mostly bats them. She holds things that I put in her hands for a while then just drops them and chews her fists ..she can't keep her hands out of her mouth😁

She's also started cooing but is a very high needs baby and doesn't seem to be interested in toys really she just wants to be held constantly. She won't nap without being held it's a nightmare!! Wondering if it's sleep regression aarrghhh


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I think that sounds all really normal for 15 weeks. Mine rolled front to back at about 12 weeks, which was early compared to friends' babies, and then back to front around 16 weeks or so. She similarly didn't have much interest in toys, but she did have lots of interest in me, so I did a lot of holding and talking to her and showing her things and she would reach for me and touch me and make eye contact. That's really all they need. There was also a lot of chewing on fists, which is healthy and normal at that stage. Mine also didn't like tummy time, but I wore her in a wrap a lot, which strengthens the same muscles (also really good for reflux too). Or if you don't have a wrap, you can recline on the sofa and lie her on your chest and it's basically the same. Just gives her a chance to practice holding her head up, but still keeping her upright.

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Sounds just wonderful

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