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Originally Posted by Welshgem81 View Post
Another one to reassure you here. When my daughter was 5 months she still had clenched fists and wasn't batting on the play gym etc. I remember spending half the day on Google looking for 5 month old babies to see if they had clenched fists ...and hardly any did. My daughter also was arching her back a lot so I was convinced she had cerabal palsy. I was worried sick and drove my family insane for months. She was still clenching at 7 months. Anyway, she is now 4 and half and definitely doesn't have cerabal palsy or anything else wrong for that matter. She's a healthy, busy little girl so try not to worry. Easier said than done I know x
Thanks for sharing this. Our little man has started to open his hands a bit and accidentally bat at things. Sometimes looks like he was meant too. Progress is slow though. I am talking b12 supplement as the paediatrician says deficient in b12 can cause slow development. As we didn't have the blood test we don't know. I am trying not to think about the blood test although doctor is still keen grrrr.

Next week we will have the physio session so it would be good to see what she thinks eh.

I read even though there is no brain damage that still can have cp. Is this true?

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I think to have CP there has to be some sort of brain abnormality - whether a tiny area of damage would be visible without a full MRI of the head, I don't know. But I believe that some kids with very small areas of damage can have severe CP and some with a disastrous brain scan can have really mild CP, so there's no saying how it affects each individual.

As long as your son is starting to make progress and continues to develop, I'd try not to get too bogged down in technicalities - ridiculous coming from me, I know, as someone who feared her daughter had CP for around 2 years ...

Hang in there for that physio appointment. It will be really helpful - they will be able to assess his muscle tone and range of motion and give you a good idea if there is some sort of neurological thing going on. Hope you will update again!

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