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Dream Feed Disaster

Ahhh. I'm so annoyed with myself for giving in to the Dreamfeed hype.

My LO has always had her night & day the right way around and was sleeping 8/9ish - 3/4ish. Albeit, she was quite an unsettled sleeper. A lot if moving around and whinging in her sleep.

I thought, oo, a Dreamfeed might push her to 5/6ish which would be lovely but no. I've basically just totally interputed her sleep & feeding patterns.

She now drink less overall in the day as I guess her body has now tuned into expecting a feed later on.

She now wakes up between 10-11pm for her now not dream feed.

She still wakes up at 4am.

She still moves around in her sleep but maybe slightly less than before.

So she now sleeps for shorter periods and instead of starting to push up to bigger feeds, she's drinking less.

The only success I've taken from it, is that she goes back down until 8am fairly consistently. Whereas before, she'd probably wake up at 6.30 and need settling with a dummy.

Im so frustrated & upset that I started messing with her sleep. I'd do anything to try & drop the (not) dreamfeed but I don't see how I can as she wakes up for it now

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or just similar experience as some words of comfort? I feel like I've made everything so much worse than it was and now I'll be stuck with a feed I can't get rid of! I had such a good sleeper and I feel like I've ruined it for my selfish want for a full night sleep

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First of all, it's not selfish to want a full nights sleep. We have all been there, googling and posting asking for advice and what we can do to help get some precious sleep. You tried something and it didn't work out.

For me I used to try something and immediately regret it, get filled with anxiety because things actually changed and I couldn't see the good in it.

Is is bad that she wakes at 11 to take a feed? When she wakes at 4 what do you do? I'd be more inclined to continues with the feed at that time and work to discourage the 4am wake up then work later on at dropping the 4am feed. that way she will be ready for a feed when she gets up for the day and get back in to a routine. Soon she may drop the 10/11pm feed herself. It's not all bad so please don't feel down about it. Xxx

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