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Once your body's bacteria changes it does 'spread' around the body, yes. If mum has a healthy digestive system she can pass the good bacteria onto her baby through vaginal birth, skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. Sounds kooky but the research is starting to get there. Skin to skin is incredibly important if you have a c section as the baby doesn't pick up bacteria from your nether regions and instead goes the sterile route. You want them to pick up your good bacteria and having skin to skin is a good way to help this along.

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Originally Posted by noon_child View Post
Originally Posted by noon_child View Post
Originally Posted by MEPride View Post
A couple suggestions: you can try taking a probiotic yourself. If your lo is breastfed, taking a probiotic may help the digestive system. My lactation consultant recommended this to me and it really has helped my lo. Also, there is a product called Windi. It's a small device you insert into your lo's rectum to help release gas. But be prepared for a potentially messy end result. I haven't had to try it yet but other moms I know have had great results.
I'm very surprised an LC recommended this. How does a probiotic that remains in the gut (will not pass in to your blood) get in to breastmilk? Not blaming you Pride, you are just passing on what you were told.

As far as I know breastmilk is the best probiotic around as it contains oligosacchirides (food for gut bacteria) that can't be got any other way.

Some babies use the wrong muscles when farting and pooping and clench instead of releasing. They get over it in time as they develop and it is very normal.
Just been looking at the research on this! Wow the human body is ace and weird. There's no evidence that the probiotic itself travels in the blood but somehow bacteria present in the bowel "appears" in the breastmilk....mind is blown....

Pretty wild, right? The human body is pretty crazy and awesome. Especially with all the ways it protects our LO's. Regardless, since taking the probiotic my LO hasn't had much, if any, has pains. She still has tons of gas, as is typical of a newborn, but not associated pain. I hope it stays that way!

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