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Painful farts in 7 week old

Our lb is 7 weeks today and for the past week or so,he has really been struggling with painful winds (farts). It's the worst at night,usually starts from around 02:00 and only comes right roughly around 07:00 and throughout this time he tosses and turns and moans while pushing, or trying to push,winds out. He is breastfed and we have given him colic drops to see if that helps but it doesn't. We do bicycle his legs and rub his stomach but that only sometimes gets a wind or two out but not enough to actually calm him. Any other suggestions that we haven't tried yet? Him and I are both getting little restful sleep as result of this and he isn't the best sleeper during the day either so this is all a recipe for one grumpy difficult baby!

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This is frustrating, but it is normal and it will pass - both of mine have suffered the same around the same age as their digestive systems really start to get going. Rather than just cycling the legs, I've found you have to cycle, then stretch them out straight before pushing both knees up to the chest, first to one side and then the other, then to the middle and repeat until they stop farting! Even then, you probably won't get every fart but if you do it a few times a day, say at each change while the baby's bum is naked lol, it can make a difference to how comfortable they are in general. Other than doing this, just ride it out and it will pass as his digestive system matures. He won't ever remember he had this unfortunate problem, while it will probably haunt your nightmares forever!

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Have you tried putting his knees bent towards his chest? Then hold for several seconds and repeat. This worked great for all of my babies and often dispelled gas that seemed to be stuck.

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Had the same issues with my son. He cried and sometimes seemed to scream when trying to pass gas. Bicycle kicks and massages didn't help. The only thing that helped him was getting him a warm bath and letting him relax enough to pass the gas. The biggest help, however, was getting on probiotic drops. These have totally made a day and night difference. We no longer have the crying and he is able to pass gas in a normal way. Thank goodness. The brand we use is Gerber. I'm in the US. They are worth every cent.

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