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My baby doesn't like me

My baby is now over three months old and things have been great up until a few days ago. For the last two or three days I have started feeling like my baby doesn't like me. I can't put my finger on it, and I realize that something is wrong with me to feel this way, but I keep thinking he does not like me and that I am not a good mom. I never felt this way before, it has just started in the last couple of days but it makes me feel rejected and angry. I know this is not fair to the baby, but I can't seem to help feeling like he hates me and does not smile at me the way he does at others.

Has anyone else ever gone through feeling like this way, and do you think it is a stage that will pass and things will go back to normal soon? I have always been a very loving and caring mother, it is just the last couple of days that I have these strange feelings. This is tearing me apart.

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i have days like this all the time and when i get that feeling i find it hard to do things with bubba cos she just cries when shes with me and makes me feel even crappier!

i dunno, maybe its just us being paranoid. Im quite a paranoid person.
but your definatly not alone


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i think everyone has felt this way at one point i no i have.

i really thought zane hated me at one point and felt nothing i was doing was right.

at 3 months all babies see us as is someone who feeds them. trust me ur lo doesnt hate u and once he gets abit older and can come to u and just give u a hug for no reason it will all be worth it.

have a chat to ur doctor just incase u cud have pnd x

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Oh darling I posted this a few days ago, feeling just like you! My little girl is the same age as yours, she seems a bit better now but still is better with her dad I think, we are the food source and they do indeed love us, keep your chin up hugs xxx

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Aw, sorry that u feel this way. I have to admit I felt exactly the sane when I first had my lo. I had a csection and was in a lot of pain so I couldn't cuddle him like I wanted to, bath him or change him. I was also finding feeding him really hard so I was xpressing and my husband was feeding him. I felt like a complete failure because I couldn't give birth naturally & then I couldn't look after him either. Everytime I held him I cried and I used to think that he hated me for not being a proper mum!! But now I am better and I am feeding him myself I feel much better. I love him to bits and he gives me lots of smiles and coos!
I am sure if u have a think about what may have trigered the change there will b a simple reason y u r feeling this way & if not maybe it would b a good idea to talk to someone about it. I am sure that we all go through times like this as it is hard work & tiring looking after a lo & your emotions are bound to b effected!
I hope u start to feel better soon xxxx

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