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Need recommendations for baby seat?

Can anyone recommend a good seat for my 4 week old? I'm looking for something I can put him in during the day where he will be quite upright but supported, he's a bit refluxy, the car seat is supportive enough but too upright and the bog standard bouncer isn't quite supportive enough, his head just falls to the side in it. Can anyone recommend something? I'm in the UK.

Thanks, Sarah

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We were given this as a present, it has 2 settings for backrest angle and a little pillow type thing for extra head support

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I highly recommend the Diono Radian RXT. I have had DS3 in it since he was 7 weeks old though in the photo I think he's around 9 weeks. They are very heavy but amazing seats!! You just have to read the reviews for those who have been involved in accidents with their LO's to be convinced. Probably one of the safest seats on the market. I little guy was quite gassy and spewy until we found out he had a Cow's Milk Allergy and because the RXT sits them up a little better, it was a really worthwhile investment prior to finding out about the issues he has with cow milk. And the ONLY seat you will need for years. I think from memory they are suitable from 5-54lb rear-facing then 20-80lbs forward facing. Awesome height limits too. Alexander will fit his until he's 4 so for the $300 I paid (I brought almost brand new from my sister as she up-graded to the Rainer) so I'm really getting my money's worth. This baby will also go into a RXT after he outgrows his capsule.

DSCF1460 by Natasha-Marie Taylor, on Flickr

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I don't think the OP is looking for s car seat, but s seat for baby to sit in when inside the house :-). I agree the radian is awesome for the car though! They are really popular in NZ.

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