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Originally Posted by _Meep_ View Post
Neither of mine has ever cried for milk. It's always been very confusing for me - people say it's just because I meet their needs before they get really hungry, but it still feels like I am cheating somehow if I nurse my baby in the night while she isn't really awake, just because she moved or made a sound. Like I'm tricking her into eating or something.

Saying that, it's apparently very difficult to get a frantic, hungry, crying baby to latch and nurse with good coordination, so I'm not sure why you'd want to wait for that?!

I'd just offer as and when. Although mine often ends up eating in her sleep at night, sometimes she'll take a full meal and other times just flutter her tongue about, taking the odd sip and mostly just comforting, so I assume she knows what she is doing and if she really doesn't want to nurse, she won't.
A fair enough point! I think it's more frustrating to me because I'm waking up trying to offer my lo a meal and she sleeps right on through said meal. Or opens wide, takes in a nipple, and 'flutters' (as you so greatly described it).

Some nights are good and some not so good. Yesterday night was awful. She only wanted to snack, which meant getting up every hour. Tonight has been great. A 4 hour stretch of 'sleep', a full nursing session, followed by a 3 hour stretch, and she is now nursing with what appears could be another full session.

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I think it's all very normal and par for the course with a newborn sadly! We are their greatest comfort and when they want to suck, which is a lot of the time lol, we just have to go with it. Sounds totally trite, I know, as people say it all the time but it honestly does get better and won't always be so full on. Both times I've started out with the best of intentions and still ended up co-sleeping with both kids and side-lying to nurse, simply so I don't have to wake up completely. In fact, my first would only side-lie from 4 months-10 months and this one has exclusively nursed lying down since she was 5 weeks old! Joy!

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