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Sleep deprivation become too much to bare

This is my 3rd baby, and the two before him were bad sleepers - I thought i'd seen it all! But my 3 month old is so awful at night, I absolutely don't know what to do. I feel like I am drunk most of the day, with a throbbing, foggy head that never stops hurting. He only sleeps about 90 minutes at a time, and then has to be nursed back to sleep. I am already co-sleeping to get some extra rest, but he's still awake every 90 minutes, all night long! And he wiggles and fusses even when he is sleeping. I don't think I get more than 4 broken apart hours of sleep each night. He only naps for 45 minutes at a time during the day. It's been like this since birth.

My husband tries to take a shift, but I can hear him crying no matter where I sleep so even when I don't have him, I can't sleep much.

My two other kids get a cranky mom all day, who can barely form a sentence. I run into things, I can't carry on a conversation with my husband, I can't focus! And I go back to work on Monday.

I don't know what to do!

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I'm sorry, our babies sound a lot alike but I've only one LO to care for. I drink lots of coffee every morning which is enough to let me carry on. If it wasn't though... I'd ask DH to watch baby for a whole night and book a hotel to at least get one night's rest.

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Have you tried a halo sleep sac?

And have you tried a Fisher Price Rock and Play? The rock and play had been amazing.

I top up my little guy at bedtime with one extra ounce in a bottle. Other than that, he's 100% breastfed.

I've been told over and over again, sleep promotes sleep. A baby who naps well during the day will be more at peace and we'll rested for bedtime - and should sleep more soundly. My kids were/are horrible nappers ad infants, so I know the struggle in trying to get more than a 20-30min catnap.

If you haven't tried the rock and play, I highly recommend it. Good luck!

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Does he have any other issues that might help explain his disturbed sleep? Does he take in a lot of air with feeds, how is his weight gain, how are his stools, does he spit up?

I would say it could be developmental but if it has been happening since birth then maybe not. Btw I think 45minute naps during the day at that age is normal unfortunately...

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I am so sorry this is going on. Just try to get into a routine that works best for your whole family right now. Maybe discuss your concerns with your pediatrician. Good luck

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I second the rock n play except unfortunately they start growing out of it by 4 or 5 months so it is only a temporary fix but might give you some relief for now. I use mine when she's going through sleep regression to stretch her sleep out.

I hate to say but it might be necessary for you to try some sleep training even if it's cry based. It might help, sounds like you need a kind of drastic solution to be able to function.

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I feel your pain, I only have one and the lack of sleep is beginning to take it's toll on my brain functions so 3 kids must be tough.

I would be interested to hear how you get on with the rock n play if you get one though!

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