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Sleep has been crap for 2/3 of my kids at this age. Emma waited till 5 months, she hasn't slept well since :-/.

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Originally Posted by Symphony7 View Post
Originally Posted by ronnie1234 View Post
Originally Posted by Symphony7 View Post
Check out the book/app The Wonder Weeks. They go through a big mental leap around 14 weeks. My fuel is going through the same thing, she's right in the middle of the leap. It's been rough but it's only temporary.
Yes I've got the app.

What's your lo been doing?
Waking every 2 to 3 hours without her long 5 to 7 hour stretch. Fussing big time before bed, crying inconsolably until she just kind of passes out. Refusing to sleep in her Pack n play she's back on her rock n play. Eating a LOT especially if we're at home. Generally more fussy.
What other features does the app have, I dont use any kind of app or anything like that, is it helpful or just a bit of fun? :-)

Our little girl is breast feeding, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not but she is 4 months and has not slept through the night once, she doesn't cry she just wakes up wanting a feed sometimes 3 times in a night.

She is only lightly napping in the day too and generally sleeping much less than she did as a newborn.. She is otherwise happy so we arent to worried.

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Night waking stopped after those two nights then last night she woke again but it cold be injections related as had them Tuesday

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