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6 month old help!

My son is 6 months old and has a milk protein allergy so he is on a special formula that already has the milk protein digested. Anyways, I am not allowed to give him food yet until his next GI appointment so he is strictly just on formula.

For the past few weeks I can tell he has been quite constipated but it wasnt affecting him too much. Id give him prune juice and a little more water than normal and wed do exercises with his legs and eventually hed go. He goes about once a week which is not normal for him. Also his poops are very hard and adult like. They are also bloody and he has now started vomiting a ton and becoming very fussy.

Sorry for the TMI! Im a new mom and I dont know if this is something I should be worried about. I know he is definitely constipated but nothing is working and Im not sure if I should give his doctor a call or not.

Thanks in advance for all of your input.

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I would call the doctor. Baby probably has anal/rectal tears from straining to poop and could do with some stool softener or other meds to help him pass his stool more easily. The excessive vomiting would be very concerning for me.

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I agree with the pp. definitely call the doctor. The vomiting could indicate an obstruction or it could be unrelated. But either way I'd call asap to be safe. Hope your LO feels better and gets relief soon.

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Which formula does your son have? If it is a hydrolysed one like nutramigen it could be that he is still reacting to it and needs and amino acid based formula instead, these are completely dairy free as opposed to the dairy being very broken down.

My nephew had cmpa and while symptoms improved on hydrolysed formula he needed an amino acid based one as was still vomiting a lot.

My dd2 also has cmpa (amongst other allergies), she was never formula fed but I had to completely eliminate all her allergens from my diet in order to breast feed her. Some babies can be very sensitive with cmpa xx

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check with the doc might just need something to help him along x

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