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STFU About What I 'Should' Be Doing. I Just Had A Baby & I Need Time To Recover

Needy family members and aggressive friends are expecting way too much of me, way too soon.

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Love this. It is absolutely tiring being pregnant with my second baby and keeping a home clean and toddler happy daily. Not one member of my family or other halfs come to visit me here at home. Nobody's helped out. Nobody has even watched our two year old when we put her bedroom together to move her put the little room.

People dont understand you dont want to spend the first two weeks of your babies life flapping about trying to get the house ready for visitors. Its eadier first time but with a Toddler going about her daily business you know what it's like. So this time in quite frankly dreading it. People who haven't seen u for weeks appear.

Oh and its also annoying when people offer u to go for a2 mile walk to town to meet them for dinner with a toddler. How about you come visit me now whilst im shattered and pregnant. Dont justsay oh ok when walking kills my pelvis. I feel weak and breathless and if i do feel rubbish i have a 40 minute walk home with a toddler often uphill.

Your friend who got married is not worth your friendship. How selfish is she!!

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Love this! People can be so overbearing after the arrival of a baby!

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